5 Ways to Improve Retention

“People don’t quit their jobs. They quit their bosses.” – How to improve retention.

how to improve retention so employees don't become frustrated

Growing up, my parents instilled in me to find a job and work hard. It will pay off. Respect your boss and appreciate your job because it’s what pays you. This is how you’re able to make money and have a stable life. Now, understanding that they wanted what was best for us I can’t help to think that in a way it stifled us as well. The thought of just keeping your head doing and doing what you’re told is no longer a retention tool. The mentality that most of our parents had/have been also what damned them. Companies and their management were comfortable for years demanding more from their employees and giving very little in return to the point where they make the employee(s) feel like this unsustainable level of productivity is what they have to achieve every day. Failure to do so will have irreparable consequences

Ok Will, what are you getting at?

Well…. That most of the employers/jobs out here suck at treating their employees with the respect they deserve! (There, I said it.) Management has this idea that they can treat their employees however they choose and we as employees must comply because well, they pay us. Fact is, they know what value we bring to the company but what to make sure that we don’t know by downplaying our worth. They think that this allows them to treat their employees however they choose. Well, I have come to tell you all those other jobs don’t pay with cows and chickens. You can earn money at another establishment too!

With the great resignation still raging on, people have gained more confidence and understand the worth that they bring to the table. Because of this, employees are making their employees work for them. With multiple streams of income and working remotely, it’s long overdue that employers take time to re-evaluate how to manage their infrastructure properly. I also must say that some employees are using this power shift for evil and making the environment worse for others. Even with that said, there are still ways you can improve your retention.

Equivalent Exchange

The principle of “Equivalent Exchange” (Thanks “FMA”!) is that the end result must be equal to the resources you put into it. Yup, an anime came up with that. I’m applying it in this article. It’s time to listen and act on not only improving the treatment but the overall respect of your employees. We (They) are not a number or another “cog in the wheel”. You need a certain set of skills; we are looking to get paid as well as grow with the experience. Money in exchange for services, get it? The catch here is that employees can utilize their expertise in different ways at different jobs. As the employer, you’re looking for a certain skill set so your level of flexibility isn’t what you think it is. So, with that said, here are some tips for employers to not only make their employees feel respected but to control your retention issue.



I must first say that I believe that an individual shouldn’t look for affirmation from others. They should rely on themselves and believe they are worth it and doing great. However, having the management or a supervisor take notice of their productivity and tell you how well you’re doing lets that employee knows that you respect them.  Now, I’m not saying to be a friend to them; but just acknowledge that they are doing a great job.


I think this is upsetting to mention but it needs to be said. Employees are human beings. They have lives outside of the workplace. They have family, friends, kids, spouses, etc. “Forcing” them to work these obscene number of hours forces them to feel like you don’t care. That the business is only out for making money. Creating a proper work/life balance (and sticking to it), will not only keep them from being burned out but also enjoy and respect the company they work for. If the schedule needs to change, make sure that you give them the proper amount of time so they can readjust what they need to at home. Make sure that you give affirmation and some sort of thank you for the inconvenience.


Ok seriously, we don’t mind these. However, if you’re using pizza parties to cover up issues in hopes of us forgetting… stop. Can we work on fixing the issue instead? Start a steering committee not only to engage with your employees but work on solutions as well. You can then turn some of those parties into actual useful things that they can use. Gift cards, gas cards, money, raises, you get the idea. These ideas would and will go a long way to preserving an employee’s happiness. The card could relieve someone’s issue or help with someone’s bill or food. Money, give money.


Employees want to work in an environment where they know people are being held to the same standard (Understanding that the standard will vary by position, department, hourly, or salary of course.) If we are to bend the rules or let someone bypass them eventually it will get noticed. The longer this is allowed to happen the more you will see discouragement go up and production go down. If discouragement is up, you will have your employees caring less about the business’s product and or service.


Employees are now understanding their worth. They are starting to understand that they can get better or move up in the chain. Encourage this mentality!!!! This is an insane morale booster! Acknowledge that your people have the potential to do better. Supply them with the tools to get the job done and be their backup to help reinforce. Even if that employee’s growth means it is no longer with you, welcome it. Be happy for them that they are improving their lives and growing in the process. 

The old way of maintaining retention is done. It’s time to bring respect into play and change the game on how we improve retention and run our operations. “Take care of your people, and they will take care of your business.”