Passwords will be obsolete. Time to move to a passphrase.

You should start using a passphrase right now.

Passwords are now easier to crack.

The world of IT is forever evolving as people move utilize the online world. Criminals are using new and innovative ways to hack your accounts. Thus, leaving you more vulnerable to attacks. Using a secure password is what keeps a hacker from exposing your data. Currently, creating a password with an uppercase, lowercase, number, and symbol would considered as best practice. That sadly is no longer the case, hackers are now able to get passed them with brute force attacks. Now, passwords need to have more complexity to them but not in the way most of you may think! Passphrases are now best practiced. Now, you can type out a passphrase with spaces!

A Passphrase can be fun to remember!?…

Implementing this practice will allow you to remember your passwords easier. First, you should find out if your using a password multiple times. You need to make sure that you are not using the same password with multiple sites. Those of you who use Google or Safari should check that in their application settings. Secondly, think of a phrase you find memorable. Most importantly make sure that the phrase that comes easy to you or that you find funny or inspirational for example. Coming up with one can be easy however, if you can’t, can check out  sites like or to help you come up with a great passphrase or give you ideas for one.


To summarize, update your passwords to something stronger as well as something you’ll remember. Keep these practices in mind for personal use. For employees, check with your IT Department to see what their best practices are.